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Merc With a Mouth
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"Are you hitting on me, Captain Porn-stache?"


Wade Wilson


Healing Factor

Good at Killing


Probably has a long dick

Dieocean.. Deceasedlake. Dyingpond. None of these could compare to the world's greatest anti-hero, Deadp-

Nope, this is my page, I'm not gonna let you screw it up just like that. Greetings, readers. I am Deadpool. I already know you're gonna bitch about how it's typical for pages like this to be wrote as if they were by me, or how this is just some unoriginal joke in relation to how I break the Fourth Wall. Why don't you nerds shut up and enjoy?

My Powers[]

  • Awesome Healing Factor
  • Lady killer (In more ways than one)
  • Good with weapons
  • Good at killing
  • I can break the Fourth Wall

My Awesome Gallery[]

That's All Folks[]

Short page huh? Are you gonna pretend to care? Then why don't you shut the #@$@ up and go read some of my comics instead? Are you seriously really go on about how much time you've spent reading an article about the greatest man/mutant to exist? What, it's not like you have anything better to do? A date? You're gonna go get laid? I doubt it. Deadpool out.

Alternate Names[]

  • Deceasedlake
  • Dieocean
  • Dyingpond
  • Deadbutt
  • Boobbutt
  • Dedpoll
  • Dyedbodyofwater